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Fayetteville Fitness
Gym Rules

  • Maintain gym courtesy at all times
  • Put weights up after use
  • Do not abuse equipment
  • The proper dress must be worn (Shirt and Shoes required)
  • Children are not allowed on the gym floor at ANYTIME unless they are 13 years or older
  • Do not allow anyone in under your access code
  • No foul language is allowed
  • Cardio equipment must be cleaned with disinfectant after each use
  • Tanning beds must be cleaned with disinfectant after each use
  • Enter the gym one person at a time
  • Lockers in gym foyer and locker rooms are for daily use and not to be used for overnight storage or have locks overnight.
  • Guest envelopes must be filled out for each guest for insurance
    purposes. (Please have correct change-$5). If a member is caught
    allowing a non-member to enter without paying the visitor’s fee their contract will be voided with no refund.
  • One must not open the door for ANYONE, ANYTIME, except for medical emergency!

I am aware that I may attend this facility 24/7 without a staff
member present and we are not liable for accidents. Violation of
these rules may result in my membership being deactivated and all payments forfeited.

Additional information

Length of Contract

3 MONTHS, 1YEAR IN FULL, 12 MONTHS EFT, Month to Month


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